• To provide the beginner or advanced young athlete an outlet to enhance their athleticism, overall well-being, academics and social awareness.

Objectives of Team Payne

  • To train students to become more skillful athletes
  • To provide an environment that enables athletes to strengthen their academics skills
  • Develop individual training programs that prepare youth athletes to become potential collegiate athletes.
  • To mentor student athletes in all aspects of their athletic and personal development

Programs offered to athletes age 8 & up

  • The Team Payne program provides Agility Training, Speed Development and Strength training to both the beginner and advanced athlete. Our training philosophy focuses on using speed and agility as the foundation for athletic performance in all sports.  Not only does speed and agility training improve foot speed, quickness, acceleration and reaction, it will also prevent athletic injuries by improving the athlete’s total body control through proper movement mechanics

About the Director/Founder

James Payne is a personal trainer and has over seven years of experience in strength, conditioning, and sports training for youth – ages 8 and up.

  • He participated in competitive athletics at both the high school and collegiate level.
  • He has eight+ years of coaching experience in the youth and high school levels.
  • He serves as both a role model and a mentor to young people in the community.

Team Payne is proud to partner with CASL to provide speed, agility, and strength training to youth soccer athletes.